Acoustic pyramids

Pyramids – wedge structures are a very common shape of acoustic panels. The use of such a shape allows for the creation of higher sound absorption coefficients in the range of high frequencies in relation to flat structures.
Acoustic pyramids are characterized by wide applicability, however, one should take into account their structure and delicacy. As a rule, it is not recommended to install acoustic pyramids in places easily accessible to children because wedges can easily be damaged. In any other environment, they are a perfect material – thanks to the low price, they are suitable for covering large surfaces. Their special shape allows for a higher sound absorption coefficient for sound waves directed at an angle, thus they are a great structure for reducing the unfavorable first reflection.
Our offer also includes one-sided pyramids. They differ from traditional acoustic pyramids in that, due to their unusual shape, a part of the acoustic energy that is not absorbed reflects according to the Snell’s law (the mirror reflection is practically negligible), which allows to partially direct the reflections of the sound and gives us the additional opportunity to shape acoustics interiors. The wedge shape results in multiple wave transitions through the sound-absorbing material and air layers, which additionally (in line with the refraction phenomenon) increases the resultant sound absorption coefficient. Corner Bass Trap is an obligatory equipment for every listening room, recording studio or rehearsal room. It soothes the effect of standing waves, thumping bass and uneven tone change. Depending on the front, it is tuned to absorb a different frequency range.

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